Saturday, January 15, 2011

The Truth: Bout Girlfriends Lie!!!

Lolx....Now is the time to reveal bout how the babes lie to their dudes!!
-I didn't refer to any sites, it's from my own experience/observations-

~ You are Good enough for me ~
-Yeah ryte! For someone that is B.O.R.I.N.G!! Are you really buying this guys? See, in aaany relationship, improvement is always good! It doen't matter whether you try harder building ur muscle or getting better at giving gifts/suprises or being super extraordinary on the bed.
-BaBes::don't say this! He might get comfortable and just stay boring!
Good is the worst enemy of Great!

~ Of course I'm ok with you going Out with your friends ~
-Be ready to be OK when she kept you wolf-ing on the bed alone! Lol!! Women are the kind that wants all the attention she can get, especially from her loves ones. It'll tear her apart if she knew that you would actually rather go out with ur fwens than herself especially if she was expecting a good date.
-BaBes:: Don't be hipocrit and get yourself suffering for a long term girl! Don't always hook onto him! have your own fun!! without him!
-DuDes :: go out wit ur fwens when she is going out with her fwens or she's busy ORRR lie! But make sure you don't get caught!

~ No, I don't mind your ex-GF is prettier than me ~
-hahaha!!! What, ur GF is some kinda cold-blooded, emotion-less babe? See, at the moment she say this, she is already comparing! you know y? YOU! You failed to make her feel special for u!
-BaBes :: Your low-self-esteem might just give the chance to your BF to play with your head! Forget about "her" D-cup bra and show your BF why he should be greatfull to have you!
-DuDes :: The game plan is just not to talk about your ex-GF..EVER!

~Sure, you can always be friends with your Ex~
-Hard to find kinda GF but if she says that, be prepared when she goes out with her Ex too!
-BaBes :: be careful when ur BF is still in touch with their ex! If he is still just fwens, qsk him to take you to see her and show who's the queen at the meeting!
-DuDes :: Game plan is same as above. It's safer that way dude

~Tell me, I won't be mad~
-Nicer version of saying " we can do this the easy way or the hard way". Lolx. When she ask this question, means that she knew something and u better tell her the truth man! Orr..she just wants to know
-BaBes :: Be natural when you are throwing this out! Those fake smiles sometimes does work! :p
-DuDes :: Just tell her " you want to hear this right?blablabla, here you go.satisfied?I can't believe u thought I'm that kind of a person" and u escape, dudes! :p

~I slept with ## guys before~
-Two reasons why they lie:
1) They would not want you to know they have greater legacy than you do on the bed
2) The little number that she have makes her feel less confident and she doesn't want you to think that she was some kinda college nerd that is not wanted.
-Babes :: your BF don't have to know
-Dudes :: You might have to multiply the number said by her with 5 and add another 7 to it. Whatever it is, her past should not be your problem

~Owh, you don't have money? it's k~
-Again?? please!! what do you expect? What happened to all the dates and dinner you used to take her to at the beginning of the relationship? When she says this, you might also hear this: " I am sick of ur financial problem! "
-BaBes :: be independant! It's advised not to lend money to your BF or if you do, keep accurate record and remind Him!!
-DuDes :: Adviced not to borrow 'em from ur gf but if u do, pay A.S.A.P.

And this would be how GF, or in this case, ex-GF lies!!! ( on the break up )

/\ I don't deserve you. You are too good for me /\
-now ain't this classic? she's actually saying "look,i hate u being too sniffy bout my life! Get your own!"

/\ I would really to have you as my BFF /\
-another classic ones! what she's really saying is that " I found some better to replace the BF spot ur havin now "

Sorry no pics, My internet is acting up
Peace Peeps

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theven said...

epic. the last 2 classic ones do always happen huh?

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