Friday, January 7, 2011

Damn: Who are You to Judge me?

lolx. What's up with me? PMS much? haha.. Nah, I'm not in a pissed off mood. Just being in a clarifying mood. I HATE PEOPLE KEEP SNIFFING BOUT MY DAMN LIFE. I know there are a LOT of judgemental people out there. But see, I am not the toy for you guys/girls/men/women/trans.I have a very simple, simple principle. While I am not digging my nose into your life, you should not do so too! Ain't that simple? Piece of pie...No, I mean, Piece of cake. Oh crap! Who cares. I really hope these kind of people can realize that there is a certain limit which you should never try to cross when it comes to someone's private life.

Seriously, I barely even talk to you, and you have the guts to judge and criticize me? What, you think my mom who raise me up gives a damn? I didn't ask any comment from you right? So just, save it!

So what if my dressing doesn't match your codes of clothing?
Did I ask money from you to buy clothes?

So what if I go out with fwens/bf/gf/lesbo's?
Are you my effin guardian?

So what if I'm not always healthy?
Did I ask you to bring me to the doc?

So what if my BF is the most not-handsome, not-tall, not-rich, not-anything?
Did I f***ing ask you to get us married?

So what if I changed BF?
Are you the one who's going to sponsor my wedding?

So what if i use the F*** word?
Did I use it to you?


Till the day of me coming to you and begging you to help me in anything comes, you should keep you mouth and a** shut. I love the way I live and I am freaking happy with it.

I study in an awesome uni, I enjoy my activity with my friends, I have joyful and trust able friend that know me more that YOU know me, and I have a very supportive mom.


To my personal life diggers,
Get A life!
Peace Peeps!
I <3 you!

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