Sunday, January 30, 2011

The Author's: Final Year Project Title




Good luck!
Peace peeps!

The AUthor's : Darkest secrets

Thanx to my dearest old-time-lover
( sorry, no further comment, lolx! )

Mr Fikhri Sullen for tagging me into this post and hence, making me have the reponsibility to do it. I'll feel bad if I dont
 ( tak cara aku mencari alasan tuk tak wat lab report? CEMERLANG!! )

So yeah, straight to Ampang point, this is the procedure to be followed:

"Once you have been tagged,you are suppose to write a note, with 25 random thing, fact, habits or goal about you. At the end, choose 25 people to be tagged. You have to tag the person who tagged you. If I tag you, it's because I want to know more about you. Your cooperation is highly appreciated."

You see that cooperation part?
 Since I'm a highly cooperative person, I will now reveal 25 facts/lies that you might not know about me!!
( jeng jeng jeng...suspens backgroud music..)

I once thought of being a Lesbian!!!( bapak ah, gila hapa!!!) Not driven by sexual needs, just that I thought girls'll understnd girls better. But then, nah.. I'm not that hardcore-yet!

I broke my mom's watch (it was her company's gift) once and I hide it somewhere and I put the blame on my dad!!! (yes, they faught) Hello!! I was 10 and scared!!

I like Justin Bieber! Pff you, but to me he's talented

I used to throw out all my chemistry and biology notes after I finished my faoundation in Bio with the determination of Never getting involved with such subjects. See where I am now!! Chemical Engineering Technology in Bioprocess???!!!

My first BF's age gap with me was 16YEARS!!
Me = 19
Him = 35
I was young and naive k ( innocent face ). I got "culture shock". My mom never blessed us. That's why we broke up. ( yeah ryte!!! Mmg la mak aku terajang, tapi aku tak makan saman )

I never travel with an airplane. Afraid? actually yeah. But it's just that I didn't travel that far yet.
Am I not ashamed to confess? Pfft!! What, you went on an airplane and it made you better than me? Again, pfft!(tengok ar, nanti nak p market pun aku naik kapai terbang)

I was a proud workaholic. When I was 20years old, I make myself RM250o++/month via TWO part time jobs. But yet, No Life! So yeah, I'm more of a family person now(saya sudah sedia untuk berkeluarga kini )

My first ever ambition was to be a Veterinar. I was 8/9 and I couldn't even spell it that time. Thanks to my passion towards money (It's hard to be rich as a vet in Malaysia.), I changed my aim ( The 16 years old me was very convincing k. Aku dahulu mata duitan )

I hate wearing the same dress to the same event!
Ex: wore that dress in a previous debate tourney and wearing it again for the different tourney or wearing same dress for dates. This is not to be proud of! (seriously! It's sucking my money!! Kena kawen Bill Gates nih)

FACT #10
I can eat chicken-based meal for 365 days a year continously without complaining!!! Yes, that's how I love chickens! Just name it! Chicken curry! Chicken Black Pepper! Tandorri Chicken! ( dah la dok lapaq, cita pasai ayam lak)

FACT #11
It's been 12YEARS I didn't eat pineapples. Anything regarding to it. Pineapple juice, pineapple toppings on pizza's. Why? Baad memories. It burnt my tongue to hell once when I ate it when I was little (ala, tergigit mata dia tu! )
And sugar-cane too!! Why? Coz I lost my tooth once when I was biting the raw sugar cane! SO, I've been boikoting these two siiiince!!! (ni baru namanya boikot! ) 

FACT #12
I believed I have special powers when I actually having "Dejavu". I once (12years old) wrote a will saying that If I was found dead, it is a murder. Done by villain after knowing I have super power to predict the future! (wow, ain't that something! )

I was into chinese boys when I was 17/18. Even had one chinese BF!! I won't call him BF but at that age, when you sms frequently and go to cyber cafe's together, he is your BF! :p

I lost my right toenail once. Thanx to some disease that I'm not really sure of too.

I fainted during my daddy's funeral. (Too tired I guess) I even believe that he is actually not dead and keep checking his pulse secretly. ( some things are just too hard to accept you know )

I had a fist-fight with a girl from my foundation college. I hated her sooo much, I started doing stupid things like throwing her shoe from the 3rd floor to the ground floor, spilled her shampoo, etc. No way we can bump, we'll start punching! (gangster much? pff..I was just not matured)

I am not worried of living alone. But I'm worried to live alone, POORLY!! seriously, this is bad! I can't breath when I'm getting the signal from my exhausting bank account :p ( saya nak bawok duit masuk kubor! GILA!)

Since 2010, I never bought any clothing for more than RM50!!! (Except that Green Kebaya for my cousins engagement and maybe few office wears). I'm a serious bargain hunter! You can call me cheap, but to me, it's strategy!! Strategy!!! (who's the one with more money at the end of the day?)

FACT #19
Country I really want to visit in India! Natural tendency maybe coz I have relatives there. But main cause is that I hope I'll bump into Shah Rukh Khan (poooodah...)

My first social night was at Focus, and Reggae! And the same night, we went to Genting Casino. Thanx to my non-Malay look, I got thru. (I just wanted to see it. The urge was killing me )

I ate pork once, ACCIDENTALLY!! I didn't know they serve it. (This is what you get when you go out with a bunch of ass-holes!)(BTW, my religion doesn't allow me to eat pork and it's also my principle. After studying the bad effects of the porceline meat)

I have one lil sister (21years old) and it's been about one whole year we faught and didn't communicate. Mom believes that it's better than us trying to scratch each others face like we use to and just let time do the healing.

I love handball like no other games in this whole wide world!! and I am very sad handball is not popular in my university. There goes my talent (I was good k...Was la.. )

I've kissed a girl before. No, I wasn't living my weird feeling. It was a dare. (TWICE!! )

I'm with someone now for the longest relationship that I ever had. We prefer to stay low. Gotta say, this time is different!! 110% different and I love it. :)

At last, it's done!
Read carefully k as it took me 2 hours to do it!

Aite then, to whom I tagged, continue this ring yer! :p

Hencik Fikhri Sule

Dat's all I guess.
Need to do my lab reports now :p

Statement: NEW FACE, NEW NAME!!!

lolx... my belog got itself a new face and a new name now!!

How is it? how is it???

I want to know your feedbacks!!!

ngeee heeee

Here I am to answer the recently asked question

Why did I changed from blogspot?
-This one dude, Inah (click to enter his blog) forced me to

How did you change to ""?
-Seriously, I don't know. He did it. Buzz me if you need the details

Where's my eyes pic that I used before?
-Apparently, this template doesn't suit the pic :(

Are you going to stick to this?
-Maybe. I love it but th eonly problem I have is that it is not in Black :(

That's it for now I guess..kih kih kih..Do give me feedbacks aite

Mr Inah Afen, I don't owe you anything
Peace peeps

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Amigos: Wonderland Weekend

Last 22nd Jan ( if I'm not mistaken ) we crashed Melaka Wonderland!!

Who we?
Nad a.k.a Gadis Manis
Nick @ Isme
Qayyum a.k.a Qayyum Bieber
Amal ( Q's gf )

We can't really say we had MAX fun coz seriously, Melaka wonderland needs aLOOOT of improvements

So yeah, I'm just gonna let the pics do the talking

The Official Arrival of the Stinky Squad
Aloh, mmg nak mandi pun..mandi awal2 wat pe kan?

1st training for MICET acrobatic team"
Suma perasan fleksible time ni :P

The mommy n daddy of the trip
Siap bawok makanan utk anak2 lagi

Fun ranked #1

Fun ranked #2

Fun ranked #3


We loved to be smacked by the water
Sakit weh, aku tak tipu!


Penyu-penyu kepenatan

Not much pics taken coz we were just busy having fun.

Till then, sayonara!!

Have all the fun that you can with your classmates!
I'll miss you guys, 6BCB
Peace Peeps

LOL: I Present to you 6BCB ( edisi :: Qayyum Biieber )

YUP!!! this is Justin Bieber!!

Here's the case... 
In my class, there's this one guy that LOVEES and ADORES  this Bieber boy!

So he determined to do whatever it takes to be JUST LIKE BIEBER!!

WOW!! talk about Bieber-Mania!

Soo, long story short,

Here he is after years of hard work!

Jeng..Jeng..Jeng....Congrats Qayyum( bukan nama sebenar )!!! Congrats

Peace Peeps

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Amigos: I present to you 6BCB.. ( i )

This is just the first edition

More to come, featuring more faces!

Aku sayang hampa tau!!

Aku tak sangka kita dah nak berambuih pas nih..

Ni cobaan first aku...

nanti aku wat lagi na..

hampa alert la ngan hidden kamera aku tu...

aku perlu wajah2 baru..

Peace Peeps

Monday, January 24, 2011

Campus: I've met Tun!! my idol! :)

It was a lovely day..

Yes I didnt get to talk to Tun
Yes I didnt get to Shake his hands
Yes I didn't smile at him

Yet, his vibe really struck me.


I got another awesome offer to be in a more exclusive event with Tun
PWTC on 12/2
Original payment was RM150!
More exclusive!
Much more closer to Tun

Why I'm not going::
1. I don't like the speech title
2. I'll have to skip class
3. I've skip class before for Tun
4. I'm gonna skip class again on 19th for Novice Debate
5. I've met Tun once, that's enough for me :)

Next Idol: Nicki Minaj
Peace Peeps

WHy SHould: You Be JEalous

Seriously, what am I gonna do with it?

Therefore, SOLD!!!!

I'm RM300 richer! lolx

Who are you to judge me?
Peace peeps

Tuesday, January 18, 2011






i miss blogging
Peace Peeps

Saturday, January 15, 2011

The Truth: Bout Girlfriends Lie!!!

Lolx....Now is the time to reveal bout how the babes lie to their dudes!!
-I didn't refer to any sites, it's from my own experience/observations-

~ You are Good enough for me ~
-Yeah ryte! For someone that is B.O.R.I.N.G!! Are you really buying this guys? See, in aaany relationship, improvement is always good! It doen't matter whether you try harder building ur muscle or getting better at giving gifts/suprises or being super extraordinary on the bed.
-BaBes::don't say this! He might get comfortable and just stay boring!
Good is the worst enemy of Great!

~ Of course I'm ok with you going Out with your friends ~
-Be ready to be OK when she kept you wolf-ing on the bed alone! Lol!! Women are the kind that wants all the attention she can get, especially from her loves ones. It'll tear her apart if she knew that you would actually rather go out with ur fwens than herself especially if she was expecting a good date.
-BaBes:: Don't be hipocrit and get yourself suffering for a long term girl! Don't always hook onto him! have your own fun!! without him!
-DuDes :: go out wit ur fwens when she is going out with her fwens or she's busy ORRR lie! But make sure you don't get caught!

~ No, I don't mind your ex-GF is prettier than me ~
-hahaha!!! What, ur GF is some kinda cold-blooded, emotion-less babe? See, at the moment she say this, she is already comparing! you know y? YOU! You failed to make her feel special for u!
-BaBes :: Your low-self-esteem might just give the chance to your BF to play with your head! Forget about "her" D-cup bra and show your BF why he should be greatfull to have you!
-DuDes :: The game plan is just not to talk about your ex-GF..EVER!

~Sure, you can always be friends with your Ex~
-Hard to find kinda GF but if she says that, be prepared when she goes out with her Ex too!
-BaBes :: be careful when ur BF is still in touch with their ex! If he is still just fwens, qsk him to take you to see her and show who's the queen at the meeting!
-DuDes :: Game plan is same as above. It's safer that way dude

~Tell me, I won't be mad~
-Nicer version of saying " we can do this the easy way or the hard way". Lolx. When she ask this question, means that she knew something and u better tell her the truth man! Orr..she just wants to know
-BaBes :: Be natural when you are throwing this out! Those fake smiles sometimes does work! :p
-DuDes :: Just tell her " you want to hear this right?blablabla, here you go.satisfied?I can't believe u thought I'm that kind of a person" and u escape, dudes! :p

~I slept with ## guys before~
-Two reasons why they lie:
1) They would not want you to know they have greater legacy than you do on the bed
2) The little number that she have makes her feel less confident and she doesn't want you to think that she was some kinda college nerd that is not wanted.
-Babes :: your BF don't have to know
-Dudes :: You might have to multiply the number said by her with 5 and add another 7 to it. Whatever it is, her past should not be your problem

~Owh, you don't have money? it's k~
-Again?? please!! what do you expect? What happened to all the dates and dinner you used to take her to at the beginning of the relationship? When she says this, you might also hear this: " I am sick of ur financial problem! "
-BaBes :: be independant! It's advised not to lend money to your BF or if you do, keep accurate record and remind Him!!
-DuDes :: Adviced not to borrow 'em from ur gf but if u do, pay A.S.A.P.

And this would be how GF, or in this case, ex-GF lies!!! ( on the break up )

/\ I don't deserve you. You are too good for me /\
-now ain't this classic? she's actually saying "look,i hate u being too sniffy bout my life! Get your own!"

/\ I would really to have you as my BFF /\
-another classic ones! what she's really saying is that " I found some better to replace the BF spot ur havin now "

Sorry no pics, My internet is acting up
Peace Peeps

Friday, January 14, 2011

Campus: it's S.A.T.U.R.D.A.Y n I'm having Lab!!

Hell yeah I'm making a big deal out of it!!!

Hell yeah I hate it!!!

Hell yeah whatever I say or do,

I still have to ATTEND!!!!

off to the torturing Saturday
Peace peeps

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

The Truth: Bout Boyfriend Lies!!!

With the power I obtain by myself , I would like to warn all the hawties,shorties,bombastics, and of course, the ladies out there to beware of these::

## Baby, you look awesome in anything all the time!!
- It's well known that guys are just trying to save his a** when he tells this lie, but dudee!!!!! If you  really  think your girl looks nice in all the outfits in this freaking world, YOU ARE OUT OF YOUR MIND! Even Lady Gaga have some sort of blunder at one time or another! For her, it's ALL the time!
-You should instead support her in her grooming habits by being honest and also to safe you both from further embarrasement!

## I wasn't looking at her! ( Yes, that super hawt girl!)
-Even she saw you looking at that ridiculously hawt girl!! Come to think of it, actually this is something a guy can't avoid. It comes with the chromose I guess. Girls, you should just ignore aite..ORRR..firght for the rest of your life!
-Dude, you better control your eyes man. If you get caught, it's better for you to say something awesome about her (if you can remember it that time) and just show ur funny face to break the tense-string.

## I tried to call you
## I didn't get the signal
-Pff....Old timess..old timess...Apparently girls, you must be smart for this trick. How many times did he use this "reason" before? This reason is mostly used when dudes are hanging out with their friends.
-You are on your own this time dudes!

## I Love your cooking
-Girls, be realistic aite! If you yourself can't finish up that meal and your boyfie still says that it was awesome, guys have some serious Honesty problem!
-Dude, would you prefer to suffer long term or short term? Tell her the truth! Obviously she'll sulk. Fix that up with a nice date instead and talk about her meals that u love! RISK:: she'll only be cooking the meals that u said was nice :p

## Trust me, I'd never lied to you!
-See, if any of the girls out that did actually fall for this, You deserve a slap to get back to reality! A man’s girlfriend may be so completely enamored that she turns blind to a clearly bullshit-lie like this one. And guys, come on now, you know you don't have to say this. Cause it doesn't work!!!
-Just say it "  “don’t trust me, I’d definitely lie to you.”. But don't cross the limit!

## Nothing is wrong
-Highly driven by their ego.Men like to deal with their problems alone unlike women who have 10 girlfriends over for cake and coffee so they can all sort out their problems. It's best for GF's to just let them be alone and "fix" their problem. But if it gets bad, then it comes time to crack down on the silly emo business and force him to talk about it
-why don’t you tell her the truth!! Your GF will feel much more important in your life

Last but not least,

## I'll only put in the head!!

-Maybe when I'm inspired, I'll write bout the lies that GF's tell their BF!!-

Peace Peeps

Campus: Wish List? pff!

Yeaaaaa Ryte! As if anyone wuld wish to do all these!!

  • Register Final Year Project and Biomolecular Subject
  • Check on Bioprocess subject conflict
  • Decide what to take as elective subject!!
  • Settle the Rental Car agreement letter
  • Raise enough money to pay summon! RM250
  • Do Laundry! (my bedsheet!)
  • Buy snacks,fruits,carrot, nescafe
  • Have a lovely date
Ok, maybe the last one is a pleasurable one! ( pleasurable?? wtv)

FYI, everything MUST be settle this week!!!!
Special attention to anyone that wants to take me out for a date, this is the time..hahaha

-Back to stressed mode!-

Peace Peeps

Damn: YES!! You all (*&^%!!!

You might been thinking, wow, this girl freak out a lot..haha..

Hello!!!! Don't simply judge that  I'm some kinda freak that just love to make a big deal out of everything. ( well, even if you want to, we live in a free world...pff )

These are actually what makes me want to sell grapes at the market, and live happily with my 13 cats!

1 ) My cafeteria S.U.C.K.S!!!!!!!!!!
-Apparently my campus decided to change the tender for our canteen. Claimed that it's for the better!! MY GOD!!
-It's expensive!
-We wont care so much bout the price if we can actually eat it! My friend tried to munch the meat but ended up by just swallowing it as a complete cow!
-The nearest food spot ( Kendong ) is bout 4KM away :(

2) My roommates are L.O.U.D!!(not all)
-They're like ALWAYS on the phone!
-I understand that they are close, but I need my Pece-Space
-I'm not trying to be a b*tchy senior,but come on now!! 
-I don't blame them totally. They are new and getting excited with the new place I gues.. Welcome adik2


=.=This is the main spark of my stress fire actually!!=.=

3) Deadly Subjects

I have 18 credit hours to fight this semester
Check these deadly weapons out!

Biomolecular Technique
Bio Plant Design Project
Bioprocess Plant and Equipment Design
Post Harvest Technology
Enviromental Monitoring
Mandarin 1 (seriously?)

And I might have to add up Principles of Bioprocess Engineering Tech!!

4) My Stressed Out Appearance
-What does all these stress do to me?
Make me happier? NO!
Make me slimmer? NO!

-I'll have a pimple-friendly face!!
-My appetite takes down the appetite of a pregnant woman!

5) Show me the $$
-I'm pay RM500 per month for my car
-I have to dig own money for my spending!
-Yet I have to save up to pay my summon! RM250!
-I'm 22 yet I didn't save up money for my WEDDING!

==So, do you agre that I should at least be worried bout these things?==

==Come on now!! I'm sure you do!==

==Fellow reader ( pff, as if I have a lot :p ), do help meeeeeeeeeeeeeeee==

==What? you want to donate?? FUYOOOOO!!!!! It'll be my greatest pleasure to give you my account number :p ==

Monday, January 10, 2011

Malay: Aku blogging bahsa melayu weh!

Woow!! wow!! wow!
Akhirnya cik Fatirah berblog bahasa melayu! Canggih gila! Suka teramat!

Ok fine, persoalannya kat sini, pasaipa cik fatirah tak blog bahsa melayu sejak azali?

Like this la kan sebenarnya, Cik fatirah punya kawan ramai tak reti bahsa melayu...kesian tak kat depa? Depa pun nak baca gak ( konon aku feymes di kalangan mereka la ni... ).

Masa mula2 cik fatirah ( ok, hentikan cik fatirah ini! ) mula blogging, azamnya adalh untuk memper-terror-kan bahsa omputih...
Well, well, bahsa keutamaan la kononnya!

Tapi la kan, sejak kebelakangan ni, aku rasa tak berapa best ber-blog bahsa omputih ni dah ( cakap je la dah tak dak idea )..maka, aku rasa aku bertanggungjawab memperkasakan bahsa ibunda aku lak!
Maka, disinilah aku!

Ramai gak suara2 makhluk halus yang aku dengar berkata

"eleh, bajet baguih la blog bahsa inggeris "

Hellloo!! ni belog aku kot..suka hati aku dan keluarga aku la nak blog bahsa inggeris ka, bahsa tamil ka, bahsa kambodia ka...
hang tak suka?, silakan jangan ke sini lagi ya..

Wow! itu baru intro! ( idea mencurah-curah nampaknya)

Utk entry pertama bahsa melayu aku, aku nak cakap pasal...pasall....

pasal aku la!!

kui kui kui!!!

Tak dak pa pun yang best sgt..

Aku ni besa2 ja..
Mak pak aku kaya gila....
Aku blajar tetiap sem 4 flat ( bosan gila )
Cantik tu tak payah kata la..memang cun!
Aku juga dikenali sbb pemurah dan baik hati


Ada hati!

Hurm...macam dah panjang je...cukupla setakat ni..
Nanti aku belog lagi na..

Hampa bagi la apa2 idea yang hampa rasa aku patut tulih.


HEALTH: I'm serious bout loOsing weight!

When I say I want to loose weight, I really do! When did I say so? here la:: My 2011 resolution.
So yes, last night before I went off to bed, I determined to lead a healthy lifestyle. As some random person used to tell me,

"Healthy mind comes from Healthy body"


So what did I do today?

1. 10 crunches on bed after I woke up
 ( come on now..first day..I'll start with 10 )

2. I drank ALOT of water today
(keeps stomach full- flush out toxins from the body - Facilitates mobilization of stored fat)

3. I ate lunch in a minimum quantity
( By eating smaller more frequent meals throughout the day, your body will begin to expend more energy just digesting the nutrients)

4. I went for a jog!!! After 1 YEAR!!!!!

5. I applied Body Lifting lotion on my problematic area
( tummay and thighs ) before I sleep.

So how about extra exercises that will help us tone up our body?



Since I'm not that hardworking to work at gym's and so on, this is what I do In my tiny room @ when I'm out for my jog session!

Start with 10 and increase it daily. TAKE IT SLOW!
Best time :: As soon as you wake up! 

Body-weight Squat: 1 set of 20 repetitions
Stationery Lunges : 1 set of 20 repetitions (each leg)

Side Lunges: 1 set of 20 repetitions (each leg)

 Perform each slim thighs circuit set 3 times making sure to rest for 1 – 2 minutes between sets!

And of course, the old-styled, STAIRMASTER!!


Chill k!!!

Let's not push ourselves too much..

Take it eaaaasy!

So besides those workout thingy, You MUST take care of what you eat too!

To summarize, you can follow these ( I did some serious research k :p )

   -Don't you ever dare skipping it! At least, a liquid meal like Nesvita 3 in 1

2. Drink PLENTY of water!!

3. Eat more FIBER!
    (high fiber cereal, fruits..)

3. Focus on eating 4-5 SMALLER MEALS throughout the day!

4. Consume healthy fats
   (it provides energy to burn calory)
    ie : nuts, salmon, mackerel

5. Eat your food slower
   (by this, you'll feel full faster)

And of course, jog/exercise minimum 2 times per week!

Good Luck!!

Do feel free to share how you lost ur weight
Peace peeps
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