Sunday, January 9, 2011

Familia: My ma..My Life

I'm sorry ma...
I'm sorry I'm not there now..

I'm sorry I can't drop off and pick you up from work now..

I'm sorry you get nagged..

I'm sorry you still have to be patience with that..

I'm sorry you still have to please them..

I'm sorry if you don't feel safe there..

I'm sorry if you are regretting...

I'm sorry if you miss your husband...

I'm sorry I'm away ma...


There's nothing that I wouldn't trade in this world to be with you always...

There's nothing I wouldn't face just to be with you now!

There's nothing I can't do just to see you smile always..


We both know I am here with a mission

We both know I'll always be in your heart

We both know whatever I do, I'll come back to you

I will ma..

I will..


On this very day,

I promise myself..

If anything ever happen to you,

Caused by someone's fault,

I swear I would let them go.

One scratch on you,
I'll triple it on them!


Take Care.

It won't be long ma..
It won't be long..

My Everything

I really wish I'm in her hugs now
Peace Peeps

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