Thursday, May 26, 2011

Statement: UPDATE-

Yow people!!!!!

Been like forever since I update the blog ryte..
-I'm still alive..umoq panjang lagi okeeyyyy-

All ritey.....

What to say? what to say? WHAT TO SAYYYY??

ok, let me just blabber bout what happened in the past two weeks..

18th May - Back home ( BUTTERWORTH) .....
-kasik bantai suma nasik-

21st May - Worked at Sunway Hotel ( Banquet )
-De org kawen, so I jadik la waitress nyek!!!!!-

22nd May - Chow back to Melaka
-Close fwens and close enemies starts to miss meh oredi-

23rd May - Registered for Short Sem

26th May - FYP Kick started!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ( 9am - 5pm okeyy )
pengsan I-

Tomollow, 27th may, another day to be spent at the Lab yowww!!!!!

Then I will be working on 29th and 30th May at Aeon Ayer Keroh..

Muahaha..... Promotiong some kinda emulsion thingy..

HEllOO, thanx to the high pay okay, If not, Never will I go..

Interested? Surf and search for part time work at laaaa
(asyit dok stalking ja wat pa kan)

Afetr that, prolly going for a Road Trip..

-balik trip baru sakit kepala balik pasal FYP-

Banquet Team @Sunway Hotel

Yup, the front retard lookin child
So yeah, That's for now I guess...
-Tulis bebanyak pun sapa nak baca kan?-
-sedey di situ-

Aite guys... till we meet again same time, same channel..
-no, this is not a cooking program-

Peace yaww!!

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