Monday, November 22, 2010

Damn: NOT A HUMAN BEING... anymore?

As a human being, we are blessed with the gift of brain that is capable of thinking and differentiating us from the animals. However, there are few "human-being" that sometimes "forgot" that they actually have brain that they actually should have used it before committing their act. So today, I would like to highlight the things that would and WILL make a human being lost its right to be called as such! So what should we call them? DO NOT call them animal! That species is not to be blamed as they dont have the ability to think. These goup of people as just..Sigh...

1. "Human Beings" that commit rape to a small girl! ( statistic shows 491 cases under 15years old in this country )

2. "Human Beings" that does not compromise with needy people in public transports

It's for them, jerk!

3. "Human Beings" that leaves new born babies in dumpsters.

Dont be suprised in the future

4. "Human Beings" that FLUSHES the baby into the toilet bowl after giving birth!!

5. "Human Beings" that cheats orphans. Seriously? You really need that money huh? Die with it!

NO! Not in India, not In anywhere else. Home sweet Home Malaysia!
6. "Human Beings" that neglects the parents. Sending them money every month is not what they want at that age my dear!

So now the hands that used to feed you is too heavy to be hold is it?

7. "Human Beings" that forgets their life journey. WHO brought them up? WHO sacrificed? WHO suffered for your victory? WHO you forgot to say thanx?

8. "Human Beings" that does not say thank you. Or at least be grateful Yes, people dont really aspect you to give back in return, but where is your manners? Even dogs are loyal to their mastes!

No human being is born as not a human being. You decide.
9. "Human Beings" that does not respect! To peoples, nature, god, themselves! Don't you ever think that you are the best in this world! Better or not, other human beings ARE human beings! Respect others! Then you will earn yours!

Can I stop? I just dont want to do this any further.

With the brain you have to think
With the heart you have to feel
With the strength you have to fix
With the will you have to change,

Can you ask yourself?
Is these you?
But what did you do to help?
Why are you ignoring?
Your life is just too busy for you think about all these right?
Your life is just too perfect and you're sure these would not happen to you right?
Well the fact is that,
Your life is just being IGNORANT!

So are you, STILL a human being?

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Familia: Mom's Creativity

Can't really blame her. She is just too bored. Hope all this craziness ( she claimed them as art ) stops as I already got her a job. :p
Yes, She use the hair dye to color the dry flowers!

She even said she was trying to get pink. No pink dye, blue then.
Starts buying unnecessary home decos.Sigh

This needs to stop!

Bought a sewing machine after 30YEARS not touching one!!!
HER EXCUSE: i'll learn sewing with it. It's been like that for 2 months :p
To dearest ma, stoooooop!!!!
If you really dont know what to do with your money, give it to me, I'll "save" it for you :p

p/s: I love you

Stomach Affairs: The best Roti Canai and Capati In Butterworth

For a person that is from Penang, it is a natural tendency for them to write about foods. It is also would be a major sin if she/he DOES NOT write about foods. hahaha..
So for today, I would like to give all of you a suggestion on where should you guys have your breakfast. I went to my favprite restaurant today to get my best Roti Canai. Where is it? RESTORAN NASI KANDAR SALAM RAJA UDA!

I am dead serious! for those who like soft as cotton roti canai, this is the place to be! And yeah, here's a trick. Dont eat it with the curry and dhal as the usual boring style. Eat it with TEH TARIK!! I swear!! You wont regret! OMG!!

As for the capati, I cant find anywhere else that can beat the capati in Jaya Restaurant, Seberang Jaya! Again, try it with Teh Tarik!! I go there almost everyday when I was working at Sunway Mall. Aite guys. This is it. A short, but useful directory for you guys! :p

p/s: this post is not sponsored by Salam or Jaya restaurant

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Love: Love And Time Maths

It's amazing how Love blooms at random times..
It's sad how Love dilutes with time..

Between a friend and a rival.
You make love stronger.
But you also make love fade.

To get back my bloomy Love,
To get back my aspiring Love,
We shall all go back to when..
To when we recognize that Love.

Take time to recall
Take time to remember why we felt in that Love
Take time to appreciate.

Love + Time.
You decide what they yield.

They that love beyond the world  cannot be separated by it.  Death cannot kill what never dies.-William Penn

Love is stronger than death even though it can't stop death from happening, but no matter how hard death tries it can't separate people from love. It can't take away our memories either. In the end, life is stronger than death.

STatement: From Comments to Hatred

I had to remove this post because i didnt want any racial problems to arise from it. Who knows, some racist people might have just use the pictures to create chaos. Love peace people. That guy already apologized from me. :)

With love, we all can have a better world

The AUthor's: Hair ReVolution

The sewing machine in my house that is killing me softly
Sigh. That's all I can do after trying so freaking hard to work with the sewing machine my mom bought. When my mom told me she bought a sewing machine, I thought it's the electronic, new models, but she bought the antique ones. OMG! I swear Its killing me :( So yeah here I am now to talk about the hair revolution that happened to me.

1. I started "doing" my hair on December 2007. I had a veeery long curly hair and I decided to go for rebonding. It become much longer,till my hips after all the curls successfully removed in a 6HOURS process. I still remember, it costs me ( my mom : ) RM 188. It's during offer.

I was soo in love

2. After having a Boring straight hair, I decided to bounce them up with some digital Perming

I really think I look really matured in this
3. When I was working as a Supervisor, I bounce them up more and Dye my hair for the first time with 2 highlights.

I look Professional?
4. I guess the straight hair journey ends here. I'm into curls!!!!But seriously I was veeery mad with the saloon. They really fucked up my hair. After doing the curl, My hair starts to get veeeery dry and they falls off!!

I wish its easier to manage this hair
5. Then, I was tired to take care of the hair. I decided to have a Natural Rebonding. It makes my hair straight.I had to cut off my hair to shoulder length cause the bottom parts are ruined :( I also roll them up every night to give
My 21 years old look :p
6.  I told you my hair is ruined ryte? It gets worse! The end parts are no longer to be saved. So I start to go out with my friend with a hair made like this
The purpose is to hide the dying ends
7. I asked myself. Till when will I hide behind these buns?? NO WAY! this must come to an end!And at that time, I was so influenced by my surrounding and "people" around me. I was toootally under "peer pressure". hahah... So on one fine day, I decided to chop of my hair to this!
8. My mom does not want to accept me as her daughter anymore when I went back home for raya with this hair. haha. After only few weeks, I start missing my hair. It's because with long hairs, I can twist it to the right, to the left, tie it up with scrunchies, etc etc. With short hair? hurm.. So I decided not to cut them off anymore. You see, my hair is curly, so I want to keep them, It'll be like I'm having a bee hive on my head. lol. I thought these ways of hiding my hair would work:

Using hats/caps

Suddenly coming up with the "esmeralda" look
9. Again I asked myself ( I know, I know, I have conflicts with myself ) , till when will I use these "protectors"? I need to do something to have a "user-friendly" hair. So on the November 18th,2010, I head to the saloon again for another torturing session. And this is what I get :

I hope this style stays.
That was the "hair revolution" that hit me till now. I don't know whether this phenomena will hit me again. I hope not for at least 6 months. I am very tired fixing my hair. I seriously have a problem with my "boring-ness". I'll get bored with my hair so fast, that is why I tend to change them frequently.

So people..make your vote! which hairstyle you think I look good in? :p

Friday, November 19, 2010

Amigos: Ex-Collegue reunion FAILED

Today I decided to go and meet up with all my ex-collegues..I nearly fail the mission :( Here are my adventures:

Sunway Carnival Mall, Seberang Jaya 

1. SUNWAY CARNIVAL MALL- First stop, the kiosk I used to work. IT'S CLOSED!. NO MORE BUSINESS. heard that the tauke changed the venue. Ok, then I walked to GSC. NO ONE! Most of them resigned and continued studies. Then, I entered Parkson, LadyBird Promoter-Resigned. Poney,Audrey, etc - Lunch. I just met another bra promoter and we talked. I even checked on the cashiers. Majority are newbiez. Well, Of course, who would stand to work there? Cashier basic is RM600, plus this and that, u'll only get RM750. I was naive when I worked there :p
Then drop by Hinode Shop ( the RM5 per item shop) to get some stuff and I saw a vacancy post there. I just asked and gave them my details. I was just asking for fun. As I was driving to leave the mall, I got a call from them asking me to start work..WOW! haha..I didn't expect this. They asked me to start tomorrow but I delayed because I wanted to go find somewhere else nearer.

I also took some pics at Parkson. These home decos are awesome but expensive!

2. ECONSAVE BUTTERWORTH / RAJA UDA- Seriously, nobody left there. All of them are new faces. then I proceed to Raja Uda branch, where I used to work as a supervisor. Only few faces left. All my ex-cashiers resigned. I heard it's by force or they got terminated or something. Some case. I dont really understand. What I know is that, all the cashiers are new.

3.BILLION TELAGA AIR- This is my first working place. I can say this place is showered with loyalty. hahaha. All the old folks are still getting old there. lol. I chat with a staff that I know for a very long time, Kak Pah. She told me all the gossip that happened and how Billion is still being racist. Oops, ok, I wont tell more.

The Busy Raja Uda Road that I used.

My quest for the day ends at a tailoring shop that sells sequences (see picture). I bought this baju kebaya that i'm going to wear during my cousin's engagement but I need them to spice up the dress. :p

Sequenced dress @ Manik
So hear I am now, blogging while being blabbered by mom. She said,:"stop playing with your computer and eat now". She's just misisng the fact that i'm gonna be the best blogger ever. So I'll let her pass..hahah..
SO yeah, it was a bit dissapointing but it's ok. I'll be back! :p

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Familia: The Man

When the man that was the bridge between the two family left, the whole family structure starts to corrupt.
When the man that was the bridge between two sisters left, they appears to be single child.
When the man that was the bridge between the cruel world left, the protection left with him too.
When he left, He never came back.

Before he left, He showed us real love
Before he left, He thought us about the world
Before he left, He completed us as human beings
Before he left, He left everything for the 3 ladies in his life

He left with no warnings
He left with no trouble
He left with no drama

It's only a matter of time,
For us to realize what he had thought us earlier
For us to realize that love and care conquers everything
For us to realize that there is no need of drama in life
For us to realize that he left us not for damage.

To the man that I respect,
The man that I miss,
The man that I'll love forever,
May God place you among the one He loves

To the man that raised me up,
Do know that you'll always be in my heart.

Kakak rindu Atta
Me and mom on our way for my check up at Lam Wah Ee Hospital, 3 days after eid 2010

Me and my sis, Eid 2009. Last pic of ur together

The AUthor's : Workaholic!

The semester break is here again..2 whole months to be filled up.. Usually, i'll just get some part time job and kill the time with it. My mom were against it at first but thanks to my dad's intentions oon exposing me to the real world and gaining work experience, I got involved. I've worked in soo many places. I met a lot of people and faced some weird situations too. Worst job? hard to say cause I loved all of them.

Dec 06 - April 07 ~ Billion Cashier
May 08 - July 08  ~ Full Time Clerk n GSC Staff
Nov 08 - Jan 09   ~ Parkson Cashier
Jun 09   - July 09  ~ Econsave Supervisor ( youngest :p )
Nov 09 - Jan 10   ~ Parkson Cashier ( called back )
Jun 10   - Aug 10 ~ Salesgirl, Audrey Bra promoter

Occasionally, I also do some event promoting thingy. I also gpt involved in some modelling thingy, back stage. :p The desicion made to work was not based on money, but gaining the priceless experience was the aim. I hated being a waitress, that is why I never tried them. Another reason why I work is that i'll die of boredom in my house. mom works, sis goes to college and left me, alll alone. NO WAY!
While working, I met a lot of people with  lot of behaviours. When I was a cashier, I met the friendly-rich customer, and also the annoying-rich customer. All we can do is just smile and LEARN not to be what we hate about others. right?
When I was the supervisor, OMG! I swear! I cry almost every night., I am the youngest ammong my workers so who on earth would want to listen to me. It took a while till I get a grip of my workers. I had to leave most of my works because, obviously, I have to go back to campus. This semester break, I'm aiming to get a customer service job. I want to know how it feels like when you have to attend crappy customers.. haha..wish me luck!

Statement: The Eye?

After living for bout 21 years, I've decided to come up with a blog...yes, i love to write, but not high-tech.The pen n paper were my friends, instead of the keyboard. So yeah, this is my first ever post for my first ever blog. Currently, I'm on my semester break, for about 7 weeks.. so yeah.WHY "EYE"? I write things based on what I see and what I see beyond 'em.Eye also sounds "I", which equivalents to "me". This words is very deep to me.I guess " The Eye" means how I look at things and how i put them down in words. I believe you guys are smart enough to think why I choose this title now.So yeah, that's the simple explanation for it. I'll write bout what happened in my daily life and what came across my mind. In a normal Blog form or poetry ( this happens once in a blue moon ). To those that's following my blog, your comments are very appreciated.
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