Monday, February 28, 2011

Amigos: Class Clown? :p

Class photography session.

No, not the pic from the photographer, this is the extended session.. :P

where the patience where tested..lama gila tung

Now, now...coool down there

Love u guys! :)

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Campus: A week to DIE for?

Like seriously?!!! Seriously these are the things to be done this week?

  1. Cereal starch test
  2. Biomolecular technique test
  3. Bioequipment design test
  4. Mandarin Oral test
  5. Mandarin oral test report
  6. Starch lab report 2 (my bad for the delay)
  7. Enviromental presentation & it's report
  8. SAGO assignment
  9. Bread/pizza base/donut assignment
  10. FYP proposal
  11. FYP log-book
  12. Bioprocess plant project assignment

WAIT, like, for real?!


Debate: National Novice Debating Championship 2011 @ UiTM Shah Alam

wow, it's been some while since I updated this blog huh?

Sorry peeps, been extremely busy!!!!

So here are some pics that I took from the tourney. And I promise you guys to write something bout Novice..

I have it in my mind...Just waiting for the right time..

Till then, enjoy these. Oh ya BTW, Help 1 won the tourney

With the awesome UCTI and MMUM people :)

The superb babe, Barona from UCTI

Cik Diana yang adorable!

Breaking 1st Team, NUSMOD :) and of course, Noel :p
Oh wait, that's all??

Unfortunately, yeah....

I was just too busy with my assignments that I had to accomplish during Novice.. sob sob..

Till then..

i'm suppose to be studying now
-Peace peeps-

Monday, February 7, 2011

Damn: Who Cares?

                                           Shall we all just ignore?
                                      Shall we all point fingers now?

     By the way,
        It's not our mother..
      It's not our relatives..

                 Oh yesss, we are sure,
           "These" won't happen to our family..
               "These" won't happen to us!
         "These" have nothing to do with us..

                               I'm sorry,
                                  I'm too far away to help..
                             I'm having my own problems..
                                I'm not making much money to help..

I just like being IGNORANT

                      Why me?
                             You help la!!
                      You make more money!!
                           Government will help them!!!

There's nothing I can do for them without money..

                  When will "these" stop?
               Will they die like "these"?

                         No Hope right?
                            No Solution right?


                                            Oops, there is!

                                          We are just too busy.

"These" has nothing to do with us right?

"These" are not that problematic

                                            and You!
                                                                     are busy!

                              Busy la..

Who to Blame?
Who to take Charge?
Who will make Changes?
WHO bloody CARES?

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Amigos: 14 faces of happiness :)

Cakap banyak tak payah...biar gambaq kasi cerita..

These are the VIP guests..

::Both of these lovers were celebrated::

And these pics will now tell you that we do love each other :) secretly..

Sesi order sampai lupa diri

Nad, pls audition for pizza advertisement k :p

Saya juga mau disuap!

Beliau seorang Lagenda!

This is us

Last but not least,

Ini target saya...Kamu kena!!!!

Sorry if the pics were blurr..
DSLR fund-raising program was running slow.. :p

These were actually the pics from c-qa and her boyfie's birthday celebration at Pizza Hut, Tampin

More birthday's to come
Peace Peeps
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