Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Campus: Wish List? pff!

Yeaaaaa Ryte! As if anyone wuld wish to do all these!!

  • Register Final Year Project and Biomolecular Subject
  • Check on Bioprocess subject conflict
  • Decide what to take as elective subject!!
  • Settle the Rental Car agreement letter
  • Raise enough money to pay summon! RM250
  • Do Laundry! (my bedsheet!)
  • Buy snacks,fruits,carrot, nescafe
  • Have a lovely date
Ok, maybe the last one is a pleasurable one! ( pleasurable?? wtv)

FYI, everything MUST be settle this week!!!!
Special attention to anyone that wants to take me out for a date, this is the time..hahaha

-Back to stressed mode!-

Peace Peeps

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