Friday, January 7, 2011

The Author's: New Year's Eve was :(

Ok I know this entry is really late but who cares, I write when I want tpo write. This is my blog right? :p So, How was your New Year celebration? Mine was so-so. Not so happening, Not so boring too. Due to some difficulties contributes by somene I'll blame for the rest of my life. Grrr...

I'm not planning to write much. Let the pics do the explaining.

1. We were just having our supper at Subaidah Datarn Pahlawan. While we were just walking and thinking where to go, I heard this loud music played. Seems that a group of people were just having some kinda New Year celebration. We decided to just go, check it out and join, probably.

We saw a bunch of people dancing to loud music in the middle of hundreds of other people surrounding and cheering. We went.. "errrr...what's happening?"

Oh, It's MMU Melaka SIFEr. They are having this new year countdown celebration.
Me and my company then decided to just join them

The crowd cant wait for the countdown. They started to spray the "Snow Spray" that were sold by the event organixer.
RM5/bottle and it goes to charity. AWESOME!
I got one then Inah decided to buy one too after I start "ambush-ing" him with it.

This is Inah. And me of course

5,4,3,2...1...HAPPY FREAKING NEW YEAR!!!

The "snow" fight begins. I have to say, It was fun! want to know something? Inah felt on his ass while he was escaping from my snow spray attack..This is history man!!!! History!!!

 The only pic of the firework that I managed to capture. Was too busy snow spraying everyone that I dont even know. Who cares? They are all there for fun!!

And this is
a shot took by someone when I told him to take a pic of me.. Pfft... :p

Ok, done with Dataran Pahlawan. I then went to chill with my friends. Guess what? Instant Headache attact! I kid you not! It was killing me! Why?! Why?! Why?!
I had to just swallow a Panadol Actifast and sleep till the next morning while my friends are playing cards and cracking jokes.. Sobs..sobs..
And yeah, I was also angry with someone on this particular day. I choose not to mention names but I am just writing it here to remind myself..hehehe..

So that was it..I had fever for two days after the celebrationn..weeeee.. :p

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