Thursday, March 29, 2012

Malaysian Debate Open 2012

The first tournament that I joined this year..
Organized successfully by MMU Melaka.
Awesome peeps doing what they do best :)

Malas cerita panjang, 
Ushar gambaq dah la..

Before the briefing starts at Emperor hotel, i dragged my juniors to have a walk in Jonker Walk.

While waiting for the rounds to start

one of the rounds. Vs IIUM. the two girls in front of me are from bangladesh

teammate in action.

Me debating barefooted. Recommended :p

yes, not much pics. Am just too lazy. maybe i'll find a day to continue writing bout the tournament.


My Selangor Nomad Lifestyle

Yea, as clear as the title could be, i do live like a nomad here in Selangor.. LOL

I moved into Selangor on 5th Feb, into Lagoon Perdana Apartment, Sunway.
Stayed there for 1 month, then CHAO!!
Maan, am not trying to be sex-ist or wat, but the guys there are mostly jerks.. lol
Rented there alone. 
( trying to act all brave and -ish)..
Harrassed few times 
( hand grabbed, followed back to unit and all )
hence I decided to move out.

Then came my friend, offering me a sweet offer I cant decline.
That is to stay with her in Saujana Puchong as she lives alone too.
Driven by the desperation, I took the offer. Moved in 3rd March.
Neighbourhood was sweet I tell you!
Jogged in the evenings like nobody's business.

I don't know if you guys ever heard it, but there's an indian saying stating that
"you may put 10 guys in a house, but not 2 girls together'
No! No! We were not pulling hairs and such. Just normal conflict.
For the sake of the friendship, I decided to move out.

So here I am, just finished packing my stuffs, getting ready to move into Puchong Perdana, tomorrow.

I viewed at least 9rooms. picked this one as my major concern is the location. Near to everything.

Yessir, A nomad in the making..

I didn't look at it as a reeeally bad thing.
It's actually interesting you know.
Different scenario does serve us different values and experience.

I went viewing my future room last nyte.
Quite small, but who cares. I barely stay in the house.
This time is a bit different as i will be sharing the house with unknown people.

Work, fren's place, Outstation, yeah, I don't mind a small room.
Just that my housemate happen to be someone that don't really put hygiene in first place.
gosh, let me try saving the house.
if it still doesn't work, I guess it's gonna be the reason for me to get another house.

All ryte then, that's all for my nomad lifestyle update. 

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