Sunday, January 30, 2011

The AUthor's : Darkest secrets

Thanx to my dearest old-time-lover
( sorry, no further comment, lolx! )

Mr Fikhri Sullen for tagging me into this post and hence, making me have the reponsibility to do it. I'll feel bad if I dont
 ( tak cara aku mencari alasan tuk tak wat lab report? CEMERLANG!! )

So yeah, straight to Ampang point, this is the procedure to be followed:

"Once you have been tagged,you are suppose to write a note, with 25 random thing, fact, habits or goal about you. At the end, choose 25 people to be tagged. You have to tag the person who tagged you. If I tag you, it's because I want to know more about you. Your cooperation is highly appreciated."

You see that cooperation part?
 Since I'm a highly cooperative person, I will now reveal 25 facts/lies that you might not know about me!!
( jeng jeng jeng...suspens backgroud music..)

I once thought of being a Lesbian!!!( bapak ah, gila hapa!!!) Not driven by sexual needs, just that I thought girls'll understnd girls better. But then, nah.. I'm not that hardcore-yet!

I broke my mom's watch (it was her company's gift) once and I hide it somewhere and I put the blame on my dad!!! (yes, they faught) Hello!! I was 10 and scared!!

I like Justin Bieber! Pff you, but to me he's talented

I used to throw out all my chemistry and biology notes after I finished my faoundation in Bio with the determination of Never getting involved with such subjects. See where I am now!! Chemical Engineering Technology in Bioprocess???!!!

My first BF's age gap with me was 16YEARS!!
Me = 19
Him = 35
I was young and naive k ( innocent face ). I got "culture shock". My mom never blessed us. That's why we broke up. ( yeah ryte!!! Mmg la mak aku terajang, tapi aku tak makan saman )

I never travel with an airplane. Afraid? actually yeah. But it's just that I didn't travel that far yet.
Am I not ashamed to confess? Pfft!! What, you went on an airplane and it made you better than me? Again, pfft!(tengok ar, nanti nak p market pun aku naik kapai terbang)

I was a proud workaholic. When I was 20years old, I make myself RM250o++/month via TWO part time jobs. But yet, No Life! So yeah, I'm more of a family person now(saya sudah sedia untuk berkeluarga kini )

My first ever ambition was to be a Veterinar. I was 8/9 and I couldn't even spell it that time. Thanks to my passion towards money (It's hard to be rich as a vet in Malaysia.), I changed my aim ( The 16 years old me was very convincing k. Aku dahulu mata duitan )

I hate wearing the same dress to the same event!
Ex: wore that dress in a previous debate tourney and wearing it again for the different tourney or wearing same dress for dates. This is not to be proud of! (seriously! It's sucking my money!! Kena kawen Bill Gates nih)

FACT #10
I can eat chicken-based meal for 365 days a year continously without complaining!!! Yes, that's how I love chickens! Just name it! Chicken curry! Chicken Black Pepper! Tandorri Chicken! ( dah la dok lapaq, cita pasai ayam lak)

FACT #11
It's been 12YEARS I didn't eat pineapples. Anything regarding to it. Pineapple juice, pineapple toppings on pizza's. Why? Baad memories. It burnt my tongue to hell once when I ate it when I was little (ala, tergigit mata dia tu! )
And sugar-cane too!! Why? Coz I lost my tooth once when I was biting the raw sugar cane! SO, I've been boikoting these two siiiince!!! (ni baru namanya boikot! ) 

FACT #12
I believed I have special powers when I actually having "Dejavu". I once (12years old) wrote a will saying that If I was found dead, it is a murder. Done by villain after knowing I have super power to predict the future! (wow, ain't that something! )

I was into chinese boys when I was 17/18. Even had one chinese BF!! I won't call him BF but at that age, when you sms frequently and go to cyber cafe's together, he is your BF! :p

I lost my right toenail once. Thanx to some disease that I'm not really sure of too.

I fainted during my daddy's funeral. (Too tired I guess) I even believe that he is actually not dead and keep checking his pulse secretly. ( some things are just too hard to accept you know )

I had a fist-fight with a girl from my foundation college. I hated her sooo much, I started doing stupid things like throwing her shoe from the 3rd floor to the ground floor, spilled her shampoo, etc. No way we can bump, we'll start punching! (gangster much? pff..I was just not matured)

I am not worried of living alone. But I'm worried to live alone, POORLY!! seriously, this is bad! I can't breath when I'm getting the signal from my exhausting bank account :p ( saya nak bawok duit masuk kubor! GILA!)

Since 2010, I never bought any clothing for more than RM50!!! (Except that Green Kebaya for my cousins engagement and maybe few office wears). I'm a serious bargain hunter! You can call me cheap, but to me, it's strategy!! Strategy!!! (who's the one with more money at the end of the day?)

FACT #19
Country I really want to visit in India! Natural tendency maybe coz I have relatives there. But main cause is that I hope I'll bump into Shah Rukh Khan (poooodah...)

My first social night was at Focus, and Reggae! And the same night, we went to Genting Casino. Thanx to my non-Malay look, I got thru. (I just wanted to see it. The urge was killing me )

I ate pork once, ACCIDENTALLY!! I didn't know they serve it. (This is what you get when you go out with a bunch of ass-holes!)(BTW, my religion doesn't allow me to eat pork and it's also my principle. After studying the bad effects of the porceline meat)

I have one lil sister (21years old) and it's been about one whole year we faught and didn't communicate. Mom believes that it's better than us trying to scratch each others face like we use to and just let time do the healing.

I love handball like no other games in this whole wide world!! and I am very sad handball is not popular in my university. There goes my talent (I was good k...Was la.. )

I've kissed a girl before. No, I wasn't living my weird feeling. It was a dare. (TWICE!! )

I'm with someone now for the longest relationship that I ever had. We prefer to stay low. Gotta say, this time is different!! 110% different and I love it. :)

At last, it's done!
Read carefully k as it took me 2 hours to do it!

Aite then, to whom I tagged, continue this ring yer! :p

Hencik Fikhri Sule

Dat's all I guess.
Need to do my lab reports now :p


Amancits Sullen said...

hey missy..jangan la tag aku lagi..kesian blog aku dipenuhi dengan another 25 fact all about me..haha..kesian nanti takde reader..haha

Amancits Sullen said...

btw good blog u hav there..sangat rase macam ko tengah becakap depan aku mase bace blog ko..

sitifatirah said...

ha..apkah? saya cuma mengikut arahannya

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