Monday, January 3, 2011

Stomach Affaits: Spicy Legendary Oo-la-la Spaghetti?

Today is history for me. I never made spaghetti in my whole life but today, my magical hands were put into test. Did them do me proud? Are you kidding me? IT.WAS.AMAZING! After a few goggle-ing, I came up with my perfect, easy to make Oo-la-la dish

So I decided to take my baby steps in order to be the next Jamie Oliver. Ok, ok, i'll settle with Martha Steward. After a few goggle-ing, I came up with my perfect, easy to make Oo-la-la spaghetti recipe that I generously decide to share here.. Ok, i should just go straight to the steps right?

The Fabulous Ingredients are:
-Minced chicken ( bought at Mydin malacca, Frozen department RM 5.25)
-Chicken Frankurters ( also Mydin, RM3.00 maybe )
-Kimball Traditional Spaghetti Sauce ( in a glass bottle, bout RM 3.++ )
-The San Remo spaghetti of course!
-Chili paste ( for those spicy food lovers)
-Onions ( depends on the amount that you would love it )
-A lil cooking oil ( since I forgot to buy olive oil)
-Warm water

The Magnificent steps are:

1. Pour 3 table spoons of oil onto your frying pan, add onions when it is hot enough. Not sure when? TOUCH IT! Burnt u? that it's perfect for the onions.

2. Smell something from your pan already? That's the cue for you to put in your minced chicken and your chicken frankfurters. U'll find that they starts sticking to your pan. first reason, the pan is cheap. hahaha.. Mine too! Just add a lil more oil.

3. After bout 2 minutes, add the Kimball sauce according to your instinct. Add water. Stir. 

4. My guest today loves spicy foods. I just add up the chili paste. Again, according to my instinct. Stir. Cover the pan. Keep peeking and keep stirring for bout 4 minutes.

5. Add any ingredients that you think is missing from ur taste buds.

6. When you are satisfied and really convinced that the chicken is no longer raw, turn off the gas.

Oh wait, we forgot bout the spaghetti. oh well, google it urself if you dont know how to boil them aite :p

There you go, the most amazing Spicy Legendary Oo-la-la Spaghetti. Sorry, I was too hungry, I didnt take any pics :p Bon Appetite!

Warning! This food will take u to Heaven!

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