Sunday, January 9, 2011

Campus: My Mini Palace

Ok, if I say I live in a 7x7 foot square space in a room, would you believe it? Wel, You have too!! That's right! I have been living in my "palace" since Julai 2008. Yup, it's my hostel. DesaSiswi Al-Razi, UNIKL MICET.

This is how it looks at first.
Yes, those are ALL my stuffs.
Believe me, dat's not it.
I have more.

Yes, I have to live with all my stuffs in this 7x7square foot room.

I started sweeping and wiping and decorating and etc etc at about 1pm.
I finished everything at 3am in the morning.
Usually I'll finish up faster but this time, I took my sweetest time.

I watched movies
I sang
I dance
I wemt gossiping with friend.

And here it is!

I rearrange the furnitures to give me more space.
Looks messy?
hello!!! try to live here with all these stuffs k

This is how I live with such a tiny closet

This year would be my last year studying here in UniKL MICET ( i/Allah)
To dress up everyday to class. :p
No More Green shirt+Orange Slippers!
No more pimple gels to class!!! ( I can't promise this )

Peace Peeps

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