Thursday, January 6, 2011

The Author's: Boyfriend?

WOOT!!WOOTT!! Some entry huh this time? Let's just say that I got this out of the blues. Not like I am trying to clear up things with the media people or whatsoever. Pfftt... So here it is. Do I have a boyfriend? Not that I really want to answer a question with a question, I just have to ask. Why is it so important to know? I am not trying to go all Britney spears here and requesting for u guys to stay out of my life ok. I know I have a lot of caring friends that would want to know the progress of my Titanic love life. lolx.
I would love to ask something here. Why can't I have guy friend? Some people come to me and say,"Dear, that word doesn't really exist" BULLSHIT! I have alooot of amazing guy friends! The issue here is that the numbers of "guy friends" that will back off from me when I have a BF. Dudes, we are FRIENDS for God sake. Sorry if you had some other kind of idea in your mind when we were being "friends". Why is it so wrong for us to hang out together again? Why do you have to avoid?
I also have group of "guy friends" that thinks like this " No, you have a BF now, it's not good for me to hang out with someone's GF". ok honestly, this is new to me.
Yes I do agree, I would not want to go out alone with just one guy friend. As a friend, you should understand that I am just showing some respect to my BF. Or at least actually, I don't want to do it because I don't want him to do it. I have fragile heart. Deal with it.
Whether I have a BF or not, my relationship with my friends will still be the same! I respected you guys as a good friend of mine and it will always remain the same. Well, at least for me it will. I'm sorry if you guys are not comfortable with me having a BF.

So do I have a BF?
It doesn't really matter

BTW, this is just some side dish I prepare for you girls :p

Writing as a friend
and yeah, I am not begging anyone
Follow your own way.
Peace peeps!


abokhaled said...

well , first .. the truth is the other way around fatti .. guys wont avoid hanging out with u because they might feeling for u and they think they cant hang out with u .. see we have this code says when we have female friends and she have a BF .. we trying not to creat a problem with ur BF himself .. even if he seems cool with u having a guy friends ( trust he is not ) we all guys we know each other .. am not talking abt me here .. i have a 1000 of female friends who have BFs and al the BFs r cool with me because i have a way to deel with them thats rare to a lot of guys .. honestly u cant blame ur guys friends they r trying to respect ur BF .. thats it

abokhaled said...

its MOE btw

sitifatirah said...

well, that's some way of thinking. A good explanation tho. I would b glad if i have more friends that would be cool with my bf. ( no, im not saying I have BF. i'm not also saying I don't have a BF) lolx

MOE KATaR said...

hehe .. just be urself :)

theven said...

nicely put babe =)

sitifatirah said...

Thanx dearie! :)

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