Friday, December 31, 2010

The Author's: 2010 Journey

2010. My gosh. You teached me A LOT!!!

I learnt this world is filled with people that is willing to do ANYTHING for their personal aim.

I learnt how man can be soo deceiving!

I learnt not to be stupid over selfish,deceiving people. Once you got ur lesson, LEAVE THEM! they're so not worth keeping.

I learnt why I should be closer to God

I learnt there's concequences for everything that you do. Good or bad.

I learnt that there's an angel behind every bad guy. And there's a bad guy behind every angel.

I learnt that failure is not worth crying for. Get up and prove the world you ain't born a looser!

I learnt that mothers are worth dying for

I learnt that money is not everything. It's how you making that spending meaningful.

I learnt how you must stand by your principles ( if it's right of course) and not being stepped down by your employee

I learnt.... A LOT

The Author's: New Year's Resolution?

So yeah.. We're gonna enter 2011 in few hours tyme ( well, from the time I'm typing this down). Let me confess something I Never Had a New year's resolution or at least try to accomplish any of it. So this year I wanna make a change.
this time, I came up with a realistic 2011 Targets and I'm all on to accomplish it. 2011, ready for these!

1. I wanna reduce my waist line to at least 4inches! ( noo way i'm gona reveal my current reading)

2. I am to have an awesome sisterhood relationship with my FYP supervisor. ( yes, this is needed to ace my FYP )

3. I want wait, I NEED to grow my hair back! No dye-ing!

4. I want to take better care of my car..Seriously..I abandoned Foofie :(

5. I would NOT skip classes!!!

6. I would dress up nicely to class every single freaking day. ( hopefully no more pyjama pants that I calimed to b "Fashion" )

7. I want to bring my mom for a vacation/holiday. Like, a real one. I showed her Malacca in 2010. This year, I would really love us going on an island vacation. i/Allah

I guess that's for now. I dont want to have list till 100 but nothing accomplished. So yeah.

Happy New year people!
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