Tuesday, January 11, 2011

The Truth: Bout Boyfriend Lies!!!

With the power I obtain by myself , I would like to warn all the hawties,shorties,bombastics, and of course, the ladies out there to beware of these::

## Baby, you look awesome in anything all the time!!
- It's well known that guys are just trying to save his a** when he tells this lie, but dudee!!!!! If you  really  think your girl looks nice in all the outfits in this freaking world, YOU ARE OUT OF YOUR MIND! Even Lady Gaga have some sort of blunder at one time or another! For her, it's ALL the time!
-You should instead support her in her grooming habits by being honest and also to safe you both from further embarrasement!

## I wasn't looking at her! ( Yes, that super hawt girl!)
-Even she saw you looking at that ridiculously hawt girl!! Come to think of it, actually this is something a guy can't avoid. It comes with the chromose I guess. Girls, you should just ignore aite..ORRR..firght for the rest of your life!
-Dude, you better control your eyes man. If you get caught, it's better for you to say something awesome about her (if you can remember it that time) and just show ur funny face to break the tense-string.

## I tried to call you
## I didn't get the signal
-Pff....Old timess..old timess...Apparently girls, you must be smart for this trick. How many times did he use this "reason" before? This reason is mostly used when dudes are hanging out with their friends.
-You are on your own this time dudes!

## I Love your cooking
-Girls, be realistic aite! If you yourself can't finish up that meal and your boyfie still says that it was awesome, guys have some serious Honesty problem!
-Dude, would you prefer to suffer long term or short term? Tell her the truth! Obviously she'll sulk. Fix that up with a nice date instead and talk about her meals that u love! RISK:: she'll only be cooking the meals that u said was nice :p

## Trust me, I'd never lied to you!
-See, if any of the girls out that did actually fall for this, You deserve a slap to get back to reality! A man’s girlfriend may be so completely enamored that she turns blind to a clearly bullshit-lie like this one. And guys, come on now, you know you don't have to say this. Cause it doesn't work!!!
-Just say it "  “don’t trust me, I’d definitely lie to you.”. But don't cross the limit!

## Nothing is wrong
-Highly driven by their ego.Men like to deal with their problems alone unlike women who have 10 girlfriends over for cake and coffee so they can all sort out their problems. It's best for GF's to just let them be alone and "fix" their problem. But if it gets bad, then it comes time to crack down on the silly emo business and force him to talk about it
-why don’t you tell her the truth!! Your GF will feel much more important in your life

Last but not least,

## I'll only put in the head!!

-Maybe when I'm inspired, I'll write bout the lies that GF's tell their BF!!-

Peace Peeps

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