Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Amigos: Break Fast with Buddies

At last, my wish of having a break fast feast with dearest classmates came true!!!
Wohooo!!! Thanks to, we got ourselves a great deal!
Buffet Dinner for RM19.90 instead of RM 32!!
16 classmates + 2 Boyfriends! :p

It was a BLAST!!!

Love u guys to bits!!!

Damn: Cruel-est Cooking Gameshow!!!!!!

SOrry that I could not post the video here...
but here's the link..

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Creative: How to look 40 when you are 22

Who would want to???

Actually, by mistake!
I felt tht am kinda rusty in editting pics, hence I tried to polish thing sup by editting some of my recent pics..
look what I did to my own pic!!
One of my fwen told me
"Ur grandma looks beautiful"
when I showed him this pic...
cekik beliau!!

So yeah, basically all u need to look older than ur age are,
- An aweful pic of u, with a not-so-low bun
- Wearing a white working shirt
-a horrible editting skill

Creative: Henna Design on Bag

Hehe.. U guys know how much I love drawing Henna right?

-walks to the end of the room and sulk to death-
So yeah, I was in class yesterday.. I was soooo bored!!
Then suddenly this brain of mine gave me this idea to just try draw some Henna designs on my boring white Recycle bag!!
My hand recerive the impulse sent by my brain thru the Central Nervous system and start grabbing Afy's marker and start drawinG!!
I kinda like it actually!!
More to come!

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