Friday, November 19, 2010

Amigos: Ex-Collegue reunion FAILED

Today I decided to go and meet up with all my ex-collegues..I nearly fail the mission :( Here are my adventures:

Sunway Carnival Mall, Seberang Jaya 

1. SUNWAY CARNIVAL MALL- First stop, the kiosk I used to work. IT'S CLOSED!. NO MORE BUSINESS. heard that the tauke changed the venue. Ok, then I walked to GSC. NO ONE! Most of them resigned and continued studies. Then, I entered Parkson, LadyBird Promoter-Resigned. Poney,Audrey, etc - Lunch. I just met another bra promoter and we talked. I even checked on the cashiers. Majority are newbiez. Well, Of course, who would stand to work there? Cashier basic is RM600, plus this and that, u'll only get RM750. I was naive when I worked there :p
Then drop by Hinode Shop ( the RM5 per item shop) to get some stuff and I saw a vacancy post there. I just asked and gave them my details. I was just asking for fun. As I was driving to leave the mall, I got a call from them asking me to start work..WOW! haha..I didn't expect this. They asked me to start tomorrow but I delayed because I wanted to go find somewhere else nearer.

I also took some pics at Parkson. These home decos are awesome but expensive!

2. ECONSAVE BUTTERWORTH / RAJA UDA- Seriously, nobody left there. All of them are new faces. then I proceed to Raja Uda branch, where I used to work as a supervisor. Only few faces left. All my ex-cashiers resigned. I heard it's by force or they got terminated or something. Some case. I dont really understand. What I know is that, all the cashiers are new.

3.BILLION TELAGA AIR- This is my first working place. I can say this place is showered with loyalty. hahaha. All the old folks are still getting old there. lol. I chat with a staff that I know for a very long time, Kak Pah. She told me all the gossip that happened and how Billion is still being racist. Oops, ok, I wont tell more.

The Busy Raja Uda Road that I used.

My quest for the day ends at a tailoring shop that sells sequences (see picture). I bought this baju kebaya that i'm going to wear during my cousin's engagement but I need them to spice up the dress. :p

Sequenced dress @ Manik
So hear I am now, blogging while being blabbered by mom. She said,:"stop playing with your computer and eat now". She's just misisng the fact that i'm gonna be the best blogger ever. So I'll let her pass..hahah..
SO yeah, it was a bit dissapointing but it's ok. I'll be back! :p

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