Sunday, January 30, 2011

Statement: NEW FACE, NEW NAME!!!

lolx... my belog got itself a new face and a new name now!!

How is it? how is it???

I want to know your feedbacks!!!

ngeee heeee

Here I am to answer the recently asked question

Why did I changed from blogspot?
-This one dude, Inah (click to enter his blog) forced me to

How did you change to ""?
-Seriously, I don't know. He did it. Buzz me if you need the details

Where's my eyes pic that I used before?
-Apparently, this template doesn't suit the pic :(

Are you going to stick to this?
-Maybe. I love it but th eonly problem I have is that it is not in Black :(

That's it for now I guess..kih kih kih..Do give me feedbacks aite

Mr Inah Afen, I don't owe you anything
Peace peeps

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