Saturday, January 29, 2011

Amigos: Wonderland Weekend

Last 22nd Jan ( if I'm not mistaken ) we crashed Melaka Wonderland!!

Who we?
Nad a.k.a Gadis Manis
Nick @ Isme
Qayyum a.k.a Qayyum Bieber
Amal ( Q's gf )

We can't really say we had MAX fun coz seriously, Melaka wonderland needs aLOOOT of improvements

So yeah, I'm just gonna let the pics do the talking

The Official Arrival of the Stinky Squad
Aloh, mmg nak mandi pun..mandi awal2 wat pe kan?

1st training for MICET acrobatic team"
Suma perasan fleksible time ni :P

The mommy n daddy of the trip
Siap bawok makanan utk anak2 lagi

Fun ranked #1

Fun ranked #2

Fun ranked #3


We loved to be smacked by the water
Sakit weh, aku tak tipu!


Penyu-penyu kepenatan

Not much pics taken coz we were just busy having fun.

Till then, sayonara!!

Have all the fun that you can with your classmates!
I'll miss you guys, 6BCB
Peace Peeps

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yamateBLOUSE said...

oh...laju jer hang upload pic nie ek..hahahaha

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