Thursday, July 21, 2011

Campus: Staff Sports Carnival 2011

Nah, am not anybody's staff yet...

Actually my campus was the host for the Staff Sports Carnival (SSUK - K stands for karnival in malay)..

Held on June 12th till 17th,2011
(apologize me for posting reeeally late)

It's actually an event where gathers all UNIKL (my campus) lecturer's and staffs for a game or two..

As I promised to fullfill my final year to the max, I volunteered to help out the carnival..

Some of ud helped us being runners, linesman, waterboys, score-sheet-delivery-babe and etc..

I was incharge for the side event. I helped out at the Blind People's Reflexology Booth..

I met awesome inspiring uncles and learned a lot from them..

Enjoy the pix!!! and read the captions aite!

ABG WAN - 23 years old. He was a Mechanical Engineering Student in Kuching. Woke up one day and BLIND. Just like that. JUST.LIKE.THAT!! Be gratefull to God with what you have.

EN RAZIF - Previosly Worked at Petronas, as an Oil and Gas worker ( I cant remember the post). His Eyes nerves started to eff- up and making him slowly loose his eyesight. He now epened his own reflexology centre with the helf of his wife.

EN KAMAL-same disease. One of the best Para-limpic athlete for Lawn Bowl. Currently busy with reflexology and working part-timely at a restaurant to support the family.

EN JAMAL was blind since he was a kid. It's genetic. Still, managed to get married, supply food to wifey and son.

We had a BBQ night!! weeee

After/Before working hours, I sneaked in to any on-going tournament and cheered my heart out

Amazed by the Blind uncle/bro's story?

I did.

See, there's no reason for us to give up no matter how sh*tty the situation is.

We are humans, equipped with the necessities to enable us to survive in any circumstances.

Realize your capability and Shine!!


As for the result, UNIKL MICET (my campus) ranked #1 !!!!


Gotta say, it was one of my joyfull moments. :)

Till then :)

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