Friday, December 31, 2010

The Author's: 2010 Journey

2010. My gosh. You teached me A LOT!!!

I learnt this world is filled with people that is willing to do ANYTHING for their personal aim.

I learnt how man can be soo deceiving!

I learnt not to be stupid over selfish,deceiving people. Once you got ur lesson, LEAVE THEM! they're so not worth keeping.

I learnt why I should be closer to God

I learnt there's concequences for everything that you do. Good or bad.

I learnt that there's an angel behind every bad guy. And there's a bad guy behind every angel.

I learnt that failure is not worth crying for. Get up and prove the world you ain't born a looser!

I learnt that mothers are worth dying for

I learnt that money is not everything. It's how you making that spending meaningful.

I learnt how you must stand by your principles ( if it's right of course) and not being stepped down by your employee

I learnt.... A LOT

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