Sunday, November 21, 2010

Stomach Affairs: The best Roti Canai and Capati In Butterworth

For a person that is from Penang, it is a natural tendency for them to write about foods. It is also would be a major sin if she/he DOES NOT write about foods. hahaha..
So for today, I would like to give all of you a suggestion on where should you guys have your breakfast. I went to my favprite restaurant today to get my best Roti Canai. Where is it? RESTORAN NASI KANDAR SALAM RAJA UDA!

I am dead serious! for those who like soft as cotton roti canai, this is the place to be! And yeah, here's a trick. Dont eat it with the curry and dhal as the usual boring style. Eat it with TEH TARIK!! I swear!! You wont regret! OMG!!

As for the capati, I cant find anywhere else that can beat the capati in Jaya Restaurant, Seberang Jaya! Again, try it with Teh Tarik!! I go there almost everyday when I was working at Sunway Mall. Aite guys. This is it. A short, but useful directory for you guys! :p

p/s: this post is not sponsored by Salam or Jaya restaurant

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