Monday, November 22, 2010

Damn: NOT A HUMAN BEING... anymore?

As a human being, we are blessed with the gift of brain that is capable of thinking and differentiating us from the animals. However, there are few "human-being" that sometimes "forgot" that they actually have brain that they actually should have used it before committing their act. So today, I would like to highlight the things that would and WILL make a human being lost its right to be called as such! So what should we call them? DO NOT call them animal! That species is not to be blamed as they dont have the ability to think. These goup of people as just..Sigh...

1. "Human Beings" that commit rape to a small girl! ( statistic shows 491 cases under 15years old in this country )

2. "Human Beings" that does not compromise with needy people in public transports

It's for them, jerk!

3. "Human Beings" that leaves new born babies in dumpsters.

Dont be suprised in the future

4. "Human Beings" that FLUSHES the baby into the toilet bowl after giving birth!!

5. "Human Beings" that cheats orphans. Seriously? You really need that money huh? Die with it!

NO! Not in India, not In anywhere else. Home sweet Home Malaysia!
6. "Human Beings" that neglects the parents. Sending them money every month is not what they want at that age my dear!

So now the hands that used to feed you is too heavy to be hold is it?

7. "Human Beings" that forgets their life journey. WHO brought them up? WHO sacrificed? WHO suffered for your victory? WHO you forgot to say thanx?

8. "Human Beings" that does not say thank you. Or at least be grateful Yes, people dont really aspect you to give back in return, but where is your manners? Even dogs are loyal to their mastes!

No human being is born as not a human being. You decide.
9. "Human Beings" that does not respect! To peoples, nature, god, themselves! Don't you ever think that you are the best in this world! Better or not, other human beings ARE human beings! Respect others! Then you will earn yours!

Can I stop? I just dont want to do this any further.

With the brain you have to think
With the heart you have to feel
With the strength you have to fix
With the will you have to change,

Can you ask yourself?
Is these you?
But what did you do to help?
Why are you ignoring?
Your life is just too busy for you think about all these right?
Your life is just too perfect and you're sure these would not happen to you right?
Well the fact is that,
Your life is just being IGNORANT!

So are you, STILL a human being?

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