Thursday, November 18, 2010

Statement: The Eye?

After living for bout 21 years, I've decided to come up with a blog...yes, i love to write, but not high-tech.The pen n paper were my friends, instead of the keyboard. So yeah, this is my first ever post for my first ever blog. Currently, I'm on my semester break, for about 7 weeks.. so yeah.WHY "EYE"? I write things based on what I see and what I see beyond 'em.Eye also sounds "I", which equivalents to "me". This words is very deep to me.I guess " The Eye" means how I look at things and how i put them down in words. I believe you guys are smart enough to think why I choose this title now.So yeah, that's the simple explanation for it. I'll write bout what happened in my daily life and what came across my mind. In a normal Blog form or poetry ( this happens once in a blue moon ). To those that's following my blog, your comments are very appreciated.

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