Thursday, November 18, 2010

The AUthor's : Workaholic!

The semester break is here again..2 whole months to be filled up.. Usually, i'll just get some part time job and kill the time with it. My mom were against it at first but thanks to my dad's intentions oon exposing me to the real world and gaining work experience, I got involved. I've worked in soo many places. I met a lot of people and faced some weird situations too. Worst job? hard to say cause I loved all of them.

Dec 06 - April 07 ~ Billion Cashier
May 08 - July 08  ~ Full Time Clerk n GSC Staff
Nov 08 - Jan 09   ~ Parkson Cashier
Jun 09   - July 09  ~ Econsave Supervisor ( youngest :p )
Nov 09 - Jan 10   ~ Parkson Cashier ( called back )
Jun 10   - Aug 10 ~ Salesgirl, Audrey Bra promoter

Occasionally, I also do some event promoting thingy. I also gpt involved in some modelling thingy, back stage. :p The desicion made to work was not based on money, but gaining the priceless experience was the aim. I hated being a waitress, that is why I never tried them. Another reason why I work is that i'll die of boredom in my house. mom works, sis goes to college and left me, alll alone. NO WAY!
While working, I met a lot of people with  lot of behaviours. When I was a cashier, I met the friendly-rich customer, and also the annoying-rich customer. All we can do is just smile and LEARN not to be what we hate about others. right?
When I was the supervisor, OMG! I swear! I cry almost every night., I am the youngest ammong my workers so who on earth would want to listen to me. It took a while till I get a grip of my workers. I had to leave most of my works because, obviously, I have to go back to campus. This semester break, I'm aiming to get a customer service job. I want to know how it feels like when you have to attend crappy customers.. haha..wish me luck!

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