Saturday, November 20, 2010

The AUthor's: Hair ReVolution

The sewing machine in my house that is killing me softly
Sigh. That's all I can do after trying so freaking hard to work with the sewing machine my mom bought. When my mom told me she bought a sewing machine, I thought it's the electronic, new models, but she bought the antique ones. OMG! I swear Its killing me :( So yeah here I am now to talk about the hair revolution that happened to me.

1. I started "doing" my hair on December 2007. I had a veeery long curly hair and I decided to go for rebonding. It become much longer,till my hips after all the curls successfully removed in a 6HOURS process. I still remember, it costs me ( my mom : ) RM 188. It's during offer.

I was soo in love

2. After having a Boring straight hair, I decided to bounce them up with some digital Perming

I really think I look really matured in this
3. When I was working as a Supervisor, I bounce them up more and Dye my hair for the first time with 2 highlights.

I look Professional?
4. I guess the straight hair journey ends here. I'm into curls!!!!But seriously I was veeery mad with the saloon. They really fucked up my hair. After doing the curl, My hair starts to get veeeery dry and they falls off!!

I wish its easier to manage this hair
5. Then, I was tired to take care of the hair. I decided to have a Natural Rebonding. It makes my hair straight.I had to cut off my hair to shoulder length cause the bottom parts are ruined :( I also roll them up every night to give
My 21 years old look :p
6.  I told you my hair is ruined ryte? It gets worse! The end parts are no longer to be saved. So I start to go out with my friend with a hair made like this
The purpose is to hide the dying ends
7. I asked myself. Till when will I hide behind these buns?? NO WAY! this must come to an end!And at that time, I was so influenced by my surrounding and "people" around me. I was toootally under "peer pressure". hahah... So on one fine day, I decided to chop of my hair to this!
8. My mom does not want to accept me as her daughter anymore when I went back home for raya with this hair. haha. After only few weeks, I start missing my hair. It's because with long hairs, I can twist it to the right, to the left, tie it up with scrunchies, etc etc. With short hair? hurm.. So I decided not to cut them off anymore. You see, my hair is curly, so I want to keep them, It'll be like I'm having a bee hive on my head. lol. I thought these ways of hiding my hair would work:

Using hats/caps

Suddenly coming up with the "esmeralda" look
9. Again I asked myself ( I know, I know, I have conflicts with myself ) , till when will I use these "protectors"? I need to do something to have a "user-friendly" hair. So on the November 18th,2010, I head to the saloon again for another torturing session. And this is what I get :

I hope this style stays.
That was the "hair revolution" that hit me till now. I don't know whether this phenomena will hit me again. I hope not for at least 6 months. I am very tired fixing my hair. I seriously have a problem with my "boring-ness". I'll get bored with my hair so fast, that is why I tend to change them frequently.

So people..make your vote! which hairstyle you think I look good in? :p

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