Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Latest Update!!

Phew!!! been soo long since this blog being touched by mua...

Oh well, time, space constraint. Space?? o.O

So yes people, latest update, am in in SEMESTER 8!!! a.k.a LAST SEMESTER for my degree!!


by means, am now doing my internship!!!
Yes sir, the gal zis now sort-off-working

In SUNWAY, PJ. yup, Selangor.

Joined a company, based in Puchong and living by myself in Sunway. 
Bloggers/readers near by, halla me!!!

Sunway Pyramid and me is juz 10mins away.

Joining this company had given me a lot of chance to learn. Learn about how the trading industry works, how we seal a deal with clients, how we carry ourselves as a trustworthy personnel.

OH YES! all that in 14days!! lol.. Intern is for 4 months, si another 3 months 2 week to survive.

Oh gosh, drown by the excitement of blogging, i forgot to tell u what i do.
Am "working" as a Marketing Executive here. 

Yes yes, my degree is in
Chemical Engineering Technology in Bioprocess, 
so what the heck am I doing here?

Am put under Palm Oil Trading Bizz. So yeah, still relates. 

Aite peeps, I can see that this blog will be back alive despite the busy-ness that will continue to try its best to drown me.

for Good or for Worst :p

Allryte, till then.

Le me not so new picture :p


Encik Fikhri said...

le you suka tukat tempat intern kan..this is the third place u tukar meh?haiyo fatt..

sitifatirah said...

mana da wei.. ni first intern aku la..mana bley tukaq tukaq :p

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