Sunday, July 31, 2011

The AUthor's : Henna Obsession

Yup, actually am kinda obsessed with Henna.
You don't know what is it? google it :p
So yeah, I oftenly experiment it on my left hand..
These are some of the pics of my hardwork.. :p

Original Design

Overlap-ed with Black Henna

I lost my mind

I loove Black Henna!! Tattoo-ish!

This is when I have no more space :p

Me like!

Step 1


Final Touch

I often receive lootsa request from fwens to open up a booth to do this thing..
So yes, I did..
I had one spot during our Club Day (30th July 2011)..
OMG!!! I was exhausted!!
I never knew there would be soo many people!!
Pictures will be uploaded!!! 


~Mis Azni Azizan~ said...

mau kena contong jugak..boleh??so amaze ngn konye creativity!!brilliant r!!pasni dah leh amik tender henna pengantin...

sitifatirah said...

huhuh!! maseh blajaq lagi kak.. sikit2 lepas la :p

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