Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Amigos: Mdm Zuraihan part #2

Due to overwhelming request, am now reviewing on Madam Zuraihan's wedding..
-konon sengal je syok sendiri-


So yeah, this time let me tell you about our journey..


It was torture!!!

To make things short, the wedding is actually in Shah Alam seksyen U10!!!

We went to Shah Alam seksyen 10!!!!!!
-tak de U..perasan tak?-

It is damn far!!

We spend about 2 hours on the road just to find the place!!

Syukran to God, we finally arrived there at about 3.45...

So yeah, enjoy the remaining pics! :)

The Bride and Groom :)
Huhuhu.. I only have this one pic left to show you guys..


Stay with me...

Will tell ya what we did after the wedding..

Well, since we are already in KL and been through sh*t to get there, we decided to just lepak at any mall..

Hence we decided to go Alamanda Putrajaya

On The way dalam kereta..makan telur kenduri senyap2

Attacking Alamanda!!

U bet I am

Kami suka Maybelline.......

C-qa juga suka Maybelline

Would be awesome for this piece of cloth to be my Jubah right??
It's freaking RM700!!!!!

Oh well, That's all la guys for now..

The journey did not just end here..

Will post more next time k :)

Mau mandi, bye


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