Sunday, June 5, 2011

Familia: Extended Family Time

I have no idea why I am blogging bout this now...

The ceremony was on November 2010 I guess..

Oh well, Just sharing....

I'll tell you guys bout the flow of the event.

And also a way of me projecting my sadness I guess..

I don't think am attending their solemnization and wedding ceremony as it's on 11.11.11..

It's my EXAM WEEK!!!

May this couple lead a happy and blessed life

Sangkar okay...kelas tau!

This is what we call as hantaran.
a.k.a. the present for the Bride.
The hantaran must be given in a odd number.
Aliff's Gift:11!

It's family pic time!! Yes, we are the Groom side Comrades :p
Hello!!! this is serious business okay!!! Pray Upon God first!

KaPaaaow!!! See us?

The Groom side attacks the Bride house..
Yup, custom-ly, the Groom gang goes to the Bride side yaw..
Duh, naturally, Bride are suppose to be shy-shy...How come the bride go to groom
The batalion carrying the hantarans.

All righttt... all the senates are discussing..
The Groom's dad will play his role as the captain and voice out the main intention of the trip.
(konon2 geng bride tak tau la ni)
Like for how long will they be engaged, the dowry (i guess), bla3

Bride pun kasik hantaran tau!
This is the hantaran for thr groom...
Still odd number, but more than what the groom gave..
Reena's gift : 13!

Malu yooo!!!!
Traditionally, customly, the Groom's mom will 'sarungkan' a ring or other jewellery on the Bride.
The jewellery is actually a symbol of which, she is

kasik manissss!!!!
Now the family member/ friends will feed the Bride with some sweets as to...errmm.....
I'm not sure...

But maybe the sweetness of the sugar acts as a symbol of sweet life/future,bla3..

makan la, apa lagi!!!!
Settled everything, now we MAKAN!

after eat, we playground!!!!
Then we camwhore!!!!!

Ok, that's all I guess for now...

For Bro Aliff and Sis Reena,


Loves the Tradition


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