Saturday, February 18, 2012

Crush!!!! Don't Crush me!

You know that butterfly-ish feeling when you meet your crush???
Play no game here.

Despite that you are in a relationship or not, definitely, you will meet this one person that will make your heart pound like your arteries going to pop any time soon.

He/she is the one, that you would do ANYTHING for. 
He/she posses everything that you wanted for.
He/she LIKES you too!!

rare case tho..

what is going to be discussed today is the Crush-effect.
Firstly, let's know who your crush is

1. Have u kissed/hold a person that made u never want to stop?
2. You heart pounds annoyingly whenever you think of that kiss/touch?
3. You compromise him/her more than anyone else?
4. You still take him/her back even after a big fat issue happen WITHOUT you making a fuss bout it?
5. You are in a relationship, yet you are willing to compromise this relationship in order to get him/her In.

If you answered yes to the questions above,


Babe/dude, Slave you are to your LUST!

Yup, believe me, this sh*t ain't love, it's called

Gosh, firstly, let me re-sentence the questions above

1. When you kissed/hold that person, did it turn you on so bad, u wanted to strip at that particular moment?
2. Your horny-ness brings discomfort to you and tortures ur blood flow?
3,4,5.You stupidly neglect yours and your beloveds feelings and emotions just to fulfill the desire and your sexual needs?

Makes more sense right?
Sad, but this is the UGLY TRUTH.

Let me give you all some time to ponder upon this for some time and we'll get back next time when I talk about the ramifications of holding on to your crush.


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shahira.salim said...

now i know what that was.damn.

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