Monday, February 7, 2011

Damn: Who Cares?

                                           Shall we all just ignore?
                                      Shall we all point fingers now?

     By the way,
        It's not our mother..
      It's not our relatives..

                 Oh yesss, we are sure,
           "These" won't happen to our family..
               "These" won't happen to us!
         "These" have nothing to do with us..

                               I'm sorry,
                                  I'm too far away to help..
                             I'm having my own problems..
                                I'm not making much money to help..

I just like being IGNORANT

                      Why me?
                             You help la!!
                      You make more money!!
                           Government will help them!!!

There's nothing I can do for them without money..

                  When will "these" stop?
               Will they die like "these"?

                         No Hope right?
                            No Solution right?


                                            Oops, there is!

                                          We are just too busy.

"These" has nothing to do with us right?

"These" are not that problematic

                                            and You!
                                                                     are busy!

                              Busy la..

Who to Blame?
Who to take Charge?
Who will make Changes?
WHO bloody CARES?

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