Sunday, February 20, 2011

Debate: National Novice Debating Championship 2011 @ UiTM Shah Alam

wow, it's been some while since I updated this blog huh?

Sorry peeps, been extremely busy!!!!

So here are some pics that I took from the tourney. And I promise you guys to write something bout Novice..

I have it in my mind...Just waiting for the right time..

Till then, enjoy these. Oh ya BTW, Help 1 won the tourney

With the awesome UCTI and MMUM people :)

The superb babe, Barona from UCTI

Cik Diana yang adorable!

Breaking 1st Team, NUSMOD :) and of course, Noel :p
Oh wait, that's all??

Unfortunately, yeah....

I was just too busy with my assignments that I had to accomplish during Novice.. sob sob..

Till then..

i'm suppose to be studying now
-Peace peeps-

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