Sunday, February 6, 2011

Amigos: 14 faces of happiness :)

Cakap banyak tak payah...biar gambaq kasi cerita..

These are the VIP guests..

::Both of these lovers were celebrated::

And these pics will now tell you that we do love each other :) secretly..

Sesi order sampai lupa diri

Nad, pls audition for pizza advertisement k :p

Saya juga mau disuap!

Beliau seorang Lagenda!

This is us

Last but not least,

Ini target saya...Kamu kena!!!!

Sorry if the pics were blurr..
DSLR fund-raising program was running slow.. :p

These were actually the pics from c-qa and her boyfie's birthday celebration at Pizza Hut, Tampin

More birthday's to come
Peace Peeps

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