Thursday, March 29, 2012

My Selangor Nomad Lifestyle

Yea, as clear as the title could be, i do live like a nomad here in Selangor.. LOL

I moved into Selangor on 5th Feb, into Lagoon Perdana Apartment, Sunway.
Stayed there for 1 month, then CHAO!!
Maan, am not trying to be sex-ist or wat, but the guys there are mostly jerks.. lol
Rented there alone. 
( trying to act all brave and -ish)..
Harrassed few times 
( hand grabbed, followed back to unit and all )
hence I decided to move out.

Then came my friend, offering me a sweet offer I cant decline.
That is to stay with her in Saujana Puchong as she lives alone too.
Driven by the desperation, I took the offer. Moved in 3rd March.
Neighbourhood was sweet I tell you!
Jogged in the evenings like nobody's business.

I don't know if you guys ever heard it, but there's an indian saying stating that
"you may put 10 guys in a house, but not 2 girls together'
No! No! We were not pulling hairs and such. Just normal conflict.
For the sake of the friendship, I decided to move out.

So here I am, just finished packing my stuffs, getting ready to move into Puchong Perdana, tomorrow.

I viewed at least 9rooms. picked this one as my major concern is the location. Near to everything.

Yessir, A nomad in the making..

I didn't look at it as a reeeally bad thing.
It's actually interesting you know.
Different scenario does serve us different values and experience.

I went viewing my future room last nyte.
Quite small, but who cares. I barely stay in the house.
This time is a bit different as i will be sharing the house with unknown people.

Work, fren's place, Outstation, yeah, I don't mind a small room.
Just that my housemate happen to be someone that don't really put hygiene in first place.
gosh, let me try saving the house.
if it still doesn't work, I guess it's gonna be the reason for me to get another house.

All ryte then, that's all for my nomad lifestyle update. 


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