Friday, April 15, 2011

The Author: 's being L.A.Z.Y

Yup!!! LAZY!!!!!

I am the LAZIEST person on earth to update my blog!!!
(sedaq pun hang, Fatt)


It's not totally because of me....
(Nak tuduh org la tu)

My campus internet is such a POC ( piece of crap )

No, seriously!!!  It'll take me aaaages to even open my Dashboard,
 to compose a new post,
Uploading pics are the worst!!

Still, I like pics to tell the story...

So yeah, till I'm "Rajin" again, here are some pics

Supper with Bey at Subaidah Nasi Kandar

Have I ever tell u guys that I LOOOOOVE drawin Henna?

yup, I didnt stop.. :p

I even 'Vandalised' my hostel :p

Well, before I further upload some unnecessary, unrelated pics, let me just stop here aite :)
See u again..soon

Recovering from fever,
Stuck with cough,
Take care peeps


Amancits Sullen said...

fatirah..ko pon penah keje kat econsave?cashier lg?wah ade jodoh ni..haha..same la tapi aku tak jadi senior cashier pon..huhu..

sitifatirah said...

yup yup...2 kali tau.. :p first time tu jadi chief cashier..heheh... tensed gila...dah la paling muda...mmg kena buli ngan para cashier ku... :p 2nd time sbb diorang panngil balik...last december... tak cukup cashier nyer pasal.... keje sana ok la, lepak ja... manager ja cam gilo

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