Sunday, April 17, 2011

The Author: 's Old pix

Heyyy!!! Guess what!!!! I found my Old HP memory card...

Yup, I used to get in touch with technology.. :p

So yeah, sinvce my hand is feelin itchy, I'm uploading some old pics that I found in the memory card.

To make it mooore exclusive, I'm not editting them!!
(ok,ok, I'm lazy actually)

But then, u can see my actual dull face ryte!!! LOL

So yeah, enjoy!
(yeah ryte)

I took this pic to show to JU-ON people that I can act as a ghost in their film

OMG!!!!! who is this girl!!! FREAK!!! second semester -January 2009-

seriously??!! I even snap my desk??

ECONSAVE RajaUda Chief Cashier okay.. Dun play2.. :p

I think the thin-est me.. Sorry, can't reach lower KG - July 2009-

It's me in something. Bio Lab

I go to grave n take pics too - R.I.P my dad-

Visiting my sis doing her part time job at Carrefour :) miss her

me n my sis on our Eid - 2009 -

Parkson Sunway Mall loyal worker :p - December 2009-

Me n Kak Mek.. Dart competition. I got second Place - March 2010-

me wit my lovely cuz, Fara at Bukit Merah Laketown Resort

with my Lion hair @ seremban hair saloon -Feb 2010-

Lab reaction.. we found Solitaire in the system!! - Feb2010-

These made me who I am today. :)

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